Masaki Kurokawa


1977 Born in Nagoya-city
2000 Solitary journey in Asia~Africa
2002 Graduated from Nagoya city university faculty of economics
2006 Graduated from Kyoto Prefectural ceramists’ technical institute
Work in Kumoigama, Shigaraki
2013 Started my own work in Yamashina, Kyoto



I'm Masaki Kurokawa, a ceramic artist.

I worked as an artisan in Shigaraki, famous for Donabe (earthen pot) .

Now I work in my studio in Yamashina Kyoto.


My pieces are based on the concept, "Japanese Asian style."

I love traveling and when I was a student, I made solo journey to China,Nepal,India,

Tibet Asian countries, Middle East, and Africa.

I bring in henna art (mehndi) that I learned in India, and produce unique ceramics.


JOMONING series is inspired by JOMON Japanese ancient ceramics.

I always seek to produce uncompromisingly work.


I would be delighted if you could find your favorites!